The Best Practices Group provides a comprehensive array of Loss Control and Risk
Management Services to help ensure our Client's continued success.

As a general rule, the primary causes of workplace injuries can be identified and divided into
two major classifications; mechanical breakdown or engineering deficiencies, and unsafe acts
or poor decision skills by employees.  In addition to the obvious immediate costs associated
with Workers' Compensation claims, the indirect costs arising from injury incidents may
include long term losses in productivity and quality.   The Loss Control services offered by
The Best Practices Group are a cost effective tool in helping to control these losses and
protecting the health and safety of your workforce.

On-Site Survey and Compliance Program Evaluation
It all starts here.  With a baseline comprehensive inspection of your facilities, observations of
your employees at work, and a review of your existing written compliance programs

Our Loss Control specialists perform a complete inspection of your facility to identify
hazardous and potentially hazardous conditions and employee work practices.  The
Inspection will also focus on your facility's physical and engineering compliance with OSHA
workplace safety regulations.  At the conclusion of the Inspection, our Loss Control
representative will meet with your Safety Director and other designated personnel to review
our findings and suggest abatement strategies to begin to correct the identified hazards.

Depending upon the nature of your business, OSHA regulations can mandate written
Compliance Programs for over one dozen specific regulations. From Hazard Communications
and Emergency Action and Fire Prevention Plans, to Bloodborne Pathogens and Respiratory
Protection, many OSHA regulations have mandatory requirements for site and job specific
written compliance programs.  Failure to maintain the proper written policies, procedures and
documentation may expose your firm to significant financial penalties from OSHA.  Our
Compliance Program Evaluation includes an exhaustive examination and review of all of your
written documentation and recordkeeping to ensure your compliance with OSHA's

After the completion of our on site services, our staff will prepare a detailed Report of
Findings, clearly explaining the results of our inspection and evaluation, offering practical
solutions and guidelines.

Ergonomics Evaluations and Training
Our staff of trained professionals provides ergonomic consulting services, including individual
on-site workstation evaluations with the following objectives in mind:
•        Identify potential ergonomic risk factors
•        Improve workstation design and layout
•        Instruct user on chair features, and review proper seating and posture
•        Recommend correct ergonomic equipment, document location and telephone posture to
encourage a neutral body position
•        Discuss lighting issues and techniques for controlling monitor glare and reflection
Our time and cost effective ergonomic workstation evaluation is designed with an emphasis
on problem prevention. The employee is coached on the essentials of setting up an
ergonomic computer workstation, with on-the-spot corrections made during the evaluation. A
Corrective Action Form is completed during the on-site evaluation, which outlines the
problems and solutions. The form includes equipment recommendations and a floor plan of
the workstation with recommendations.
Average time per user: 30-45 minutes.

Ergonomics Training Workshops
End User Ergonomics Training
       Reviews musculoskeletal, visual, and environmental issues that relate to computer
       Discussion and demonstration of ergonomic adaptive devices.
       Educates participants on set-up and maintenance of ergonomically correct
workstation and selected ergonomic aids.
Management Ergonomics Training
       Designed to increase management awareness of problems and concerns associated
with computer usage.
       Provide management with a set of tools that will enable them to implement a safe
and comfortable environment for computer users.
Train the Trainer
       Includes on-site ergonomic workstation evaluations for training purposes and a
critique of trainers conducting on-site workstation evaluations.

Industrial Truck and Forklift Operator - Certified Training Program

The Best Practices Group offers a multi-media Industrial Truck and Forklift Operator Certified
Training Program that exceeds all of the new regulatory requirements established by
Cal/OSHA, California Code of Regulations Title 8 Section 3668.  The training course curricula
is based on the recently adopted Cal/OSHA regulations which became effective July 15,
2000.   In addition to the regular classroom lecture and videotape presentation on safe
operational procedures and a review of equipment and inspections,  this training experience
includes hands-on application and an evaluation of each attendees' driving skills.  All
attendees will participate in an open format test to ensure comprehension and understanding
of the course information.
Topics covered in the course include:
     Components and How a Forklift Works
     Rated Capacity and Vehicle Stability
     Refueling or Recharging
     Safe Operation
     Lifting and Stacking
     Traveling with a Load
     Driving Test and Maneuverability
     Written Quiz and Answer Discussion
Operators are certified on the particular types of equipment used in your workplace.  The training is approximately three hours in length and all attendees will receive a three-year
certification upon successful completion of the course.  
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