Safety Management and OSHA Compliance Programs
The Best Practices Group is a recognized leader in the development and implementation of
effective OSHA-compliance workplace safety management programs.  Utilizing our proven
program management structure, we tailor the completed compliance program to your operations
and needs.

We are the ONLY private Consulting Company to license our copyrighted proprietary safety
program materials to Cal/OSHA.   

Safety Compliance and Management Program
Designed as a practical and effective management system for the business owner, because you
already have a full-time job

The Program includes complete policies and procedures for: your Company Safety Policy,
Employee Safety Training, Safety Committees, Employee Compliance, Hazard Inspections,
Accident Investigations, and more.  The Program comes  with Annual Calendars, schedules AND
all of the forms you will need to document your on-going activities.  

This is a complete management system, nothing has been left out.   Easy to maintain, the
Program explains what to do and how to get it done, on time and on schedule, without extra
hassle or headaches.  

Our Implementation includes one-on-one training and orientation for your Safety Director and
Management Team to ensure your success.  We walk through the Program with your Safety
Management Team, step-by-step, explaining all of the operational requirements and helping
schedule your activities.

We also offer continuing assistance in Program management, helping to keep you in compliance
with quarterly Hazard Inspections, participation in your Safety Committee Meetings, and even
Employee Safety Training services.  

Crisis Response and Emergency Action Program
Are you and your employees prepared to effectively respond to an emergency situation?  

OSHA requires businesses to develop and maintain a written program for Emergency Response
and Evacuation.   As an employer you are charged with providing your employees with specific
information and training to protect your employees in case of an emergency.

The Best Practices Group offers site specific Crisis Response and Emergency Action Program
development services that include:
Our on-site safety and loss control services include:
        Designated individual responsibilities for your Crisis Response Team
        Specific Response Guidelines for:
  •          Management Priorities
  •          Fire
  •          Violent Crime and Injury
  •          Bomb Threats
  •          Earthquakes and Environmental Crises
  •          And More
       First Aid Guidelines
       Emergency Telephone Numbers
       Emergency Shut down and Start up Procedures
       Evaluation of Site specific hazards
       Employee Training Materials

Your employees are your Company's most valuable asset.  The Crisis Response and Emergency Action Program can help you protect that asset.

Workers' Compensation Cost Control Program
Workers' Comp cost reduction and control is attainable. We believe that real Workers' Comp cost
control must achieve two complimentary goals. The first of these objectives is to eliminate the
incident that leads to the claim, ZERO ACCIDENTS.  The fewer accidents you experience, the
lower your costs.  The second goal of our cost control system addresses the inevitable injury that
will occur.  Claims management needs the same pro active management systems that you use to
ensure your bottom line.

Our program integrates Human Resources, Safety Management and Training, employee
supervision, and incentives to achieve the first goal of the program.  Our second goal is
accomplished by managed control of the medical services and costs of the claim, and aggressive
legal management systems to stop fraud and avoid litigation.

Our Workers' Comp Cost Control Program begins with the hiring process, selecting the right
people to work for your company. New employees receive safety and job training as the next
step to eliminating accidents in the workplace. Safety Training becomes an on going component
of your operations, making safety awareness a part of everyone's job.  Your Safety Program
assumes a central role in the Cost Control Program; from Hazard Identification, to Safety
Training, and the Safety Committee.  Employee participation means increased compliance with
the goals of your Program.

The surest means of reducing Workers' Comp costs is pro active accident prevention.  Claims
management strategies; medical, legal, and employee care, complete the Program. Each claim is
controlled and guided through the Workers' Comp System.  The Program’s management systems
provide for maximum control, while assuring that each employee receives quality medical care
and all the benefits to which the employee is entitled. Constant communication between you, the
employer, the medical care provider, your insurance carrier, and if needed, legal counsel
maintains your control of the situation.

The Program establishes an effective working relationship between you and your Industrial
Medical Clinic. Injured employees receive quality medical care. The clinic is familiar with
alternative job assignments that are available to your injured employees and understands that
the goal of patient care is to return the employee to work.

This comprehensive Program brings together all of the necessary elements to allow you, the
business owner, to take an active role in reducing injury incidents and managing claims.  

Prescription for a Drug-Free Workplace - Substance Abuse Screening Program
The illegal use of drugs is a national problem that affects every American.  Drug and alcohol
abuse not only affects individual users and their families, but also presents new dangers for the
workplace.  Seventy percent of illegal drug users are employees either full  or part time (NIDA
1990).  One in every ten people in this country has an alcohol problem (NIA3 1990).

The Best Practices Group has developed Prescription For A Drug Free Workplace, a
comprehensive Substance Abuse Screening Program to help employers solve the problem of
drug use in the workplace.  Prescription includes Policies and Procedures for establishing a Drug
Free workplace, drug and alcohol screenings, Employee Assistance Programs, Disciplinary
Procedures and Actions, and Supervisor and Employee Training.

We formalize the Program specifically for your company, providing; Authorization and Consent
Forms, Program Announcement Letter, Notice to Applicants, Training Notices, and a special
package of employee brochures, posters, and resource information.

Specialized Supervisor Training classes are also available.  These management seminars focus
on the Supervisor's role in employee relations.  How to recognize the symptoms of substance
abuse, counseling employees, Program policies and procedures, and most importantly how to
properly document incidents of impaired employee performance.

An introductory Employee Awareness and Orientation seminar is also available to help in the
implementation of your new Program.  The Orientation explains the positive impact that the
Program will bring to the workplace and encourages employee participation and compliance.